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NBA 2K23 would do well to return national teams

Since a few years, NBA 2K games have been rated for each arena by an A-F scale NBA 2K23 MT, that is based on their home court advantage. But, this scale doesn't seem to be present in NBA 2K23. The only obvious advantage that the home team had was the shake of the screen as the opponents shoot free throws.

Madden NFL 23 introduced the brand-new home field Advantage system that completely alters the way that the game plays based on the momentum. NBA 2K23 is missing a feature similar to this. Basketball is a sport of runs, and there must be an option to make players feel uncomfortable when the home team is playing.

Customization is not an issue as is the case for NBA 2K23's shot meters. The players can switch off the meter completely if they wish to however, it is not the case for all players. The appearance and feel of the shot meter change each year, and the majority of gamers have different opinions on every one of them.

The new badges for shooting are beautiful, but there's one thing missing. Shooting is a crucial aspect of basketball, and players must be able to play using a shot meter that they are familiar with. This could be possible given the number of iterations that are.

Finally, NBA 2K23 would do well to return national teams NBA 2K23 MT Coins. The 2020 Olympics which included basketball events are just two months away from being in the rearview mirror, and it was a missed chance for NBA 2K23 to incorporate the sport in this year's edition.

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